Three Ways a Child Custody Lawyer Helps Win Pet Custody

With over 29 million pets in Australia, it is safe to say that pets are an integral part of Australian households. In fact, pets are considered part of the family and are treated as such. Unfortunately, pet owners do not usually consider pet rights during separation or divorce. The only time divorcing partners discuss pet issues is when the process is over. Notably, it is crucial to understand that no partner has authority over a shared pet. [Read More]

2 Situations That Might Be Hard to Manoeuvre Without the Family Lawyer's Help

Any case involving family law can be quite challenging if you have no adequate legal knowledge. Generally, family laws are complicated, and you'll need the interpretation of a professional family lawyer to understand them.  Without the help of a lawyer, the stress and anxiety of settling disputes with your loved ones combined with the pressure of attending court sessions can be overwhelming. It prompts many people to give up on such cases. [Read More]

When and Why You Might Need a Family Lawyer

A family lawyer is a person you hire to solve legal family disputes that arise. Disputes can lead to separation or divorce, which can cause more problems, especially when there are property settlement and child custody issues. Here's what you need to know about family lawyers. Consider The Easiest Solution First If you and your spouse both want a divorce, it would be better if you tried to have a peaceful divorce to avoid going through the tedious and expensive court trial process. [Read More]

Ways Family Lawyers Offer Much More Than Dissolution of Marriages

For a good number of people, family law entails the dissolving of marriages. Family lawyers are highly skilled in the navigation of the various complications that come up during a divorce and can be of great help when you want to leave your spouse. Nonetheless, this is not the only way that a family lawyer can be of assistance to you. In fact, what some people do not realise is that they could use the services of a family lawyer prior to or in the middle of the marriage rather than just when they want to leave it. [Read More]